The exchange was officially established and began operations on December 15, 1994.

From its inception, having the motto to serve the Province is serving the Country the exchange started investments from the first day. Serving as an office first, the exchange purchase its own premises in two years and continued its activities here.

The old Animal Market in the city centre which remained unproductive for decades and which threatened the health of the people has been removed from the city centre. A modern market place was established in 1998. It included the two-storey administrative building on 400 square meters which was completed in a very short time and the modern market place is about 45,000 square meters, with concrete wire mesh and iron paddock. It has the capacity of 5000 Cattle and 10,000 ovine with 20 ton digital scales. The type project of the market place with social facilities (restaurant and cafe) with a 500-vehicle car park has been given to 31 towns. It has been equipped with 4 night vision camera system recording 24 hours .
Thanks to the new market place a lot of people in animal husbandry has come to the province from every part of Turkey thus it has contributed greatly to the economy of our country.

Market place serves every Sunday for 24 hours.
In addition, the Modern Animal Market project submitted to the development agency in 2013 has been accepted and the commencement of services is expected in the coming period.
The system containing a disinfectant pool, a saleroom with bar code system and scales is expected to contribute to the economy of our province.

In addition, the neglected Wheat Market place located in the city centre, which was not suitable for the craftsmen, has been removed from the town centre. The Agricultural Trade Centre established on on an area of 30,000 square meters on the Commodity Exchange's own land has begun operations as of today. Construction of 34 silos with a capacity of 300 tons which provides great convenience to the producers of grain cereals has been finished and has been in use by the members since 2005. In this regard, we have brought together producers and consumers in agriculture which is one of the province's biggest source of income.

The commodity exchange is also going to open approximately 500 seat multi-purpose conference and meeting hall in the coming years as well. In addition, most of the infrastructure needed to build a latest technology laboratory in the Agribusiness Centre has been completed.

Again, in a very short period of time we will purchase of machinery which our members can benefit and that will bring in revenue to the exchange.

The commodity exchange, which will continue to invest pushing the limits has 250 active members as of now and 14 staff.

Our budget for 2014 is TL1.6 million, while the volume of our operations for the year 2013 is TL551.473.967.24.

In terms of Social Assistance, commodity exchange has provided scholarships to 200 university students who have economic difficulties for 6 years. In addition the commodity exchange has contributed to the construction of the Nursing home by having 2 rooms built.